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StylinStrings Lacrosse Pockets, Lacrosse Dye Jobs, Custom Lacrosse Sticks and More

We have been professionally stringing custom lacrosse pockets, and dyeing lacrosse heads professionally since 1999. Since then we have been fortunate enough to make custom lacrosse sticks for The University of Virginia, Notre Dame, the entire MLL, as well as the Woman’s US National Team the year they won the Gold, York College, Franklin and Marshal, and many more. We make the sticks for some of the best individual players in the world, as well as younger players. We are a product of this game, and we intend to grow the sport by making the best equipment possible.

Traditional Easton #Lacrosse Pocket, 3 Dyed Heads, and the Beard Grow-off


Welcome back to the 76th installment of the world famous Ship Out Shout Out. This week we begin with a beard grow off between Frankie Fingers and Justin and compare to the boring game of baseball. The first stick highlighted this week is an easton that has been Hydro-dipped to look like wood grain. This head belongs to a great customer of ours that is also a ref in the National Lacrosse League. To keep the idea of the wood grain we strung up a traditional pocket in all earth tones to match it. Up next we show off a DeBeer NV3 because they will not be around much longer as the company is going out of business. We still have a nice stock so if you want one do not hesitate or they may be gone. This one had a USA Fade With Stars Lacrosse Dye Job with a Gripper Pro Girl String Pocket. Don’t Forget to check out our Noz Face-off package sale starting 10/9/15 where you get a free all new face-off pocket with the purchase of a Warrior Noz 2.0. Finally the Stick Of The Week is two custom dyed sticks that Frankie fingers did for Angelo’s Soccer Corner in Lancaster, PA. One is a Simple 2 color fade royal to carolina blue. The second has the logo on the scoop of the Warrior Noz 2.0 as well adn all throughout the inside of the head that is faded red, white, to blue. Well that’s it for this wee’s episode, don’t forget to subscribe to our social media sites to stay connected and until next time, Keep Laxin’!
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Check out the sick Lacrosse Sticks we build here at Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse, Media, and Apparel. You can check out our site for all of your Stringing and Dying needs, and our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube for up to date info on what we are up to at the studio and get the lowdown on some cool contests and events. Links below.
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