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StylinStrings Lacrosse Pockets, Lacrosse Dye Jobs, Custom Lacrosse Sticks and More

We have been professionally stringing custom lacrosse pockets, and dyeing lacrosse heads since 1999. Since then we have hand made custom lacrosse sticks for The University of Virginia, Notre Dame, the MLL, as well as the Woman’s US National Team the year they won the Gold Medal. We also string for some of the top women’s programs in the country like Franklin and Marshall, York College, Oregon and many more. We make the sticks for some of the best individual players in the world down to younger players just starting. We are a product of this game, and we intend to grow the sport by hand making the best equipment possible.

NOTRE DAME LACROSSE POCKETS 2016 pt 1 from Stylin Strings

Welcome to the 81st episode of the world renowned Ship Out Shout Out by Stylin Strings Lacrosse. This week we highlight a few sticks that we are sending out the the Notre Dame Irish lacrosse program. We start off with a Maverik Optik U with East Coast wax mesh which T-bird decided to switch up for the midfielder with some knotted side interlocks instead of regular interlocks. Next we have an STX X10U with a replica of one of the Demo’s that we sent to the team over the offseason in their sponsored Under Armour heads. This is for an Irish defender who wanted Jimalax Semi Soft mesh with a mid-low pocket. Now we have an STX Eclipse with the All NEW Nijalax 10 diamond wax mesh that T-bird strung a Lockdown pocket into that came out super sweet and everyone here at the office was impressed. Finally we have a Rabil 2X with Ottermesh by Epoch for another midfielder with a mid-low pocket which this player wanted 8 out of 10 whip, so we pulled the mesh down as far as we could and it created a nice heavy channel with the desired amount of whip. That’s it for this Notre Dame inspired episode and we wish them the best of luck in this upcoming season. Until next time Keep Laxin’!

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