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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Stylin’ Strings Lax Unleashes The Beast

For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Customs we are showing the cart before the horse. If you are too young to understand that than enjoy the article anyhow. This stick idea came from Trice Crawford from Alexandria Virginia. His brother Witt had given us a Fighter Jet Dye theme to do a month or so before. So in an effort trump his younger brother he wanted us to Unleash the Beast.

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Stylin’ Strings Lax named Official Stringers & Dye Artists

For this episode of the new season of Stylin’ Strings Customs we wanted to come out of the gate swinging to trump the sticks of last season like the Goalie Houndstooth/Flag & the Inside Out Clover for Jake Byrne. We had some correspondence with someone inside the UVA organization. This developed into trading emails with head coach Dom Starsia. After he viewed the SS Lax website and understood what we do he invited us down for a very anticipated special day with the team.

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Lacrosse Convention 2012 – E-Lacrosse, Stylin’ Strings

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