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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse Virginia Part 2

This issue of Stylin’ Strings Lax Customs is Part 2 of our UVA stick series. This round of heads came in after our first consultations with some of the players over their Christmas break. Grab Two Saber’s, Get some Flow, and Twice the Showtime in this five stick rundown special.

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Stylin Strings Lax St. Paddy’s Chrome Head

For this issue of Stylin’ Strings Lax Customs we chose a Green Chrome STX Revolver. St. Patty’s day was months away but we needed a new clover demo for in the shop. The U.S. Lacrosse Convention was coming up so we decided we would take it there as well to show off. We weren’t sure if chrome was a fad that came & gone or if it was here to stay. We keep our eyes open in the industry and have only read how difficult it is to mess with dying chrome. We figured this Green Chrome would be perfect for a trial of one of our signature Clover dyes.

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