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The making of a Maryland Flag Lip Fade Custom Dye Job by Stylin Strings

Available in the dye jobs section found above. The Maryland Flag Lip Fade Dye is one of our most popular dye jobs.

Introducing Throne of String Lacrosse Mesh in Our Custom Pockets

2014 Welcome to Throne. We are happy to have you guys on the team. Check out Throne of Strings Mesh in all of our pockets, in our kits, and available in our supply section.

UVA Lacrosse Custom Pocket & Dye Trip Stylin Strings

Join Skaggs and Dustin on their trip to University of Virginia! See the UVA Custom Dyes & Pocket Stringing. Here they will be giving the sticks to the UVA Men’s Lacrosse players, enjoying the campus, and giving you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to outfit the sticks of a major NCAA powerhouse!

How To String A Basic Mesh Pocket

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