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Stylin’ Strings becomes Official Partner of Headwrapz

This project has been years in the making and now the stars have aligned. Headwrapz┬« makes the highest quality helmet decals on the market, and Stylin’ Strings designs sick custom sticks & team uniforms. This was a match made in heaven when Headwrapz trusted our quality of design to mock up designs for helmets that we had already implemented into a custom dye job for a stick or a custom team uniform. Now you can come to Stylin’ Strings for your team designs on HeadWrapz decals in our quest to customize from head to toe.

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10% Off All Stylin’ Strings Lacrosse Dyes for April

Season is here and we decided to give our fans an incentive to go after some of our more artistic and complex dyes by giving you 10% off. Anything from the Galaxy dye, or any of the new MLL Official Team dyes. This sale covers our entire dye product line.

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Stylin’ Strings Now Designing & Manufacturing Custom Lacrosse Shafts

We have always made really cool custom lacrosse dyes & pockets for our customers. For years we have been waiting for the right time to partner with some of the handle manufacturers that would allow us to utilize our killer design department to make custom shafts. Now we have that ability as shown in the graphic above. We can now make one off custom carbon fiber shafts with no minimum. We can also do team orders in a 7075 alloy or Sc-Ti with a minimum of 12. Men’s, Women’s, Goalie, & Defensive handles are available.

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Stylin’ Strings is the “Official Stringers & Dye Artists of the MLL”

Three years ago we got a contract with UVA we still service today with the same title. Last year we strung & dyed all the roster spots for the women’s USA team. Now after 8 months of development we have taken one more step into uncovering what was an underground aspect of the game for the last 10 to 12 years. We are going pro!

“We are pleased to partner with Stylin’ Strings,” said MLL Commissioner David Gross. “They are an up and coming organization committed to the growth of the sport. MLL is excited to offer it’s players and it’s fan base, one of the finest options in equipment customization available. We are excited for the upcoming launch of the MLL line from the artistry group at Stylin’ Strings.”

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